About DQS UL Group

The DQS UL Group is one of the leading certification bodies for management systems worldwide. Under the strategic leadership of DQS Holding based in Frankfurt, Germany, all companies of the DQS UL group strive for one common goal: to improve our customers' management systems by offering value-adding assessment services. The group has built a global presence with more than 80 offices in over 60 countries. We employ more than 2,800 people, including 2,400 auditors.

More than 25 years of management system expertise

The founding of DQS (German Registrar for Management Systems) by DGQ (German Society for Quality) and DIN (German Institute for Standardization) in 1985 was the first step towards today's DQS UL Group. In addition to these founding partners, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) also holds shares in DQS, along with the German industry associations HDB, Spectaris, VDMA and ZVEI.

The assessment, evaluation and certification of management systems, of processes and of organizations is our core business. This holistic focus of the DQS UL group generates excellent services for our customers. With over 20,000 customers in 100 countries, we serve a wide spectrum of industry sectors, including automotive, electrical engineering, engine construction, the metal and chemicals industries, services, food, health care, the aviation and aerospace industries and telecommunications. DQS and UL certificates have been issued for more than 55,000 customer sites worldwide.

Expertise around the globe

In more than 88,000 assessment days per year our highly qualified auditors serve organizations of every kind. Wether our customers need an assessment and evaluation of a service or system, a certificate or a process evaluation, we have the resources. With over 2,400 experienced auditors we provide expertise in almost every industry sector. Our focus stays with the customer, as we deliver value-adding services to enhance our customers' success.

Independence and objectivity

The executive management of DQS Holding and all its subsidiaries respects the importance of impartiality in carrying our assessment and certification activities. Potential conflict of interest is managed in order to assure the objectivity of all certification activities.

Corporate policies and guidelines of the DQS UL group have been established and implemented accordingly.